The wolves are back
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The wolves are back and are again a part of Europe’s nature and wildlife. Can We Learn to Coexist With Wolves? Tensions are high as wolves begin to wander for the first time in 200 years.

In Europe, the woodland is a rarity. The countries are largely cultivated by humans. Small forests, owned by local farmers, accommodate a large herd of red deer — a steady source of energy for the wolf and others in her small pack. The forests also provide two sources of income for the farmers: Hunters pay to kill on his land, while the government reimburses farmers for any damage the deer cause to the forest.

The European Union is now strongly encouraging human-wolf coexistence by offering full compensation to farmers across member states for livestock lost to wolves and other predators. The EU is also funding nonlethal ways to keep wolves at bay, such as fences and livestock dogs.

The man-versus-wolf conflict has lasted for hundreds of years. I hope we can learn to coexist with those beautiful animals.

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