Late snack
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Very easy to cook this delicious late-night snack.

Awesome snack with ham and cheese on bread in the oven. This recipe will grill the ham and melt the grated cheese over your bread. It is a delicious snack to eat late at night.

This is another delicious hack that will make any bread to taste so yummy. In this case, it’s a way of making a recipe in a way that is easier but might not be widely known. To make this grilled ham and cheese open sandwich, you can make it in an oven. This way, you can easily make a few more than 1 grilled sandwich. In the oven you can make at least 16 at a time! For those that have double ovens, you can make even more at one time. Which is great if you have a large family. It’s also great if you’re throwing a party and want to serve sandwiches with it.

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