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Why Sai Ua is the most delicious Sausage

Sai ua is a northern Thai sausage made with a combination of pork mixed with a medley of herbs like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal, and chili.

The mix of meat and aromatic herbs are stuffed into an intestine wrapper and grilled until golden orange-brown.

Hot dogs, kielbasas and bratwursts may be a little more familiar, but Thailand has a host of delicious, boast-worthy sausages you should get to know. Like most Thai dishes, these sausages pack a lot of flavor into their casings. While other countries use methods like curing and smoking, Thais prefer fermenting and drying, which adds flavors unique to the sausages found throughout the region. You’ll see Thai people eating sausage for breakfast, then snacking on sausages on a stick in the afternoon. They are an underrated staple in Thai food culture and worth seeking out.

You’ll find many of the famous sai ua (ไส้อั่ว) vendors at the Wararot Market, located right in the heart of Chiang Mai. Or you can do like the locals and go to the small market across the street from the Chiang Mai University. There you’ll discover a good number of vendors all selling their own variation of this delicious Thai sausage.

If you don’t live in Thailand you can also enjoy this kind of sausage. Just follow the video and you can cook your own at home.

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