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The wolves are back


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The wolves are back and are again a part of Europe’s nature and wildlife. Can We Learn to Coexist With Wolves? Tensions are high as wolves begin to wander for the first time in 200 years.

In Europe, the woodland is a rarity. The countries are largely cultivated by humans. Small forests, owned by local farmers, accommodate a large herd of red deer — a steady source of energy for the wolf and others in her small pack. The forests also provide two sources of income for the farmers: Hunters pay to kill on his land, while the government reimburses farmers for any damage the deer cause to the forest.

The European Union is now strongly encouraging human-wolf coexistence by offering full compensation to farmers across member states for livestock lost to wolves and other predators. The EU is also funding nonlethal ways to keep wolves at bay, such as fences and livestock dogs.

The man-versus-wolf conflict has lasted for hundreds of years. I hope we can learn to coexist with those beautiful animals.

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There are other tumblers on the market but when you are rated #1 it’s hard not to let everyone know about it. What these other companies don’t tell you is how their tumblers are made with inferior material so your drinks don’t stay cold for long and your piping hot coffee turns into a mud bath after a few hours. With IBEX our tumbler is made with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel designed to keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot!

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Keep ice in your drink, all day and night, for as long 72 hours. We worked very hard to make sure your drink stays frosty cold by ensuring your ice stays frozen and doesn’t melt so fast in any temperature.

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11 Super Herbs & Spices to Lower Blood Sugar

11 Super Herbs and Spices That Lower Blood Sugar

By Eric Whitfield and Amanda Feerson

You are about to discover the 11 herbs and spices which will positively impact your blood sugar levels. These precious substances are packed with diabetes-fighting, blood sugar reducing bioactive compounds

Not only does orthodox medical treatment for diabetes come with nasty side effects but they can really cause a dent in your bank account; what I am about to share with you doesn’t do either of those things. There is no downside. The time has come to look at diabetes in a new light, a perspective you will find in this eBook and the protocol I will introduce you to shortly.

Are you ready for your view on health and diabetes to totally change? Because I can assure you, that after you are through reading these pages, looking at the evidence and digesting the life-transforming information, nothing will look the same. Not only will you discover the potential of the 11 super herbs and spices for their blood sugar-lowering abilities, but you will be also introduced a breakthrough protocol reverse the effect of diabetes on your body and life.

You may be new to using herbs, spices, and food for their medicinal value, yet they are a fundamental component for good personal health. They are not to be overlooked. The #1 antidiabetic drug used to treat diabetes—metformin— actually has its origin from a biguanide compound isolated from French lilac. And it is these same naturally-potent sources which lay at the heart of this simple 60- second protocol to reverse diabetes. But more about that later… first, let’s look at 11 herbs and spices that can help reduce your blood sugar levels naturally.

Download your free pdf here: 11 Super Herbs and Spices That Lower Blood Sugar


Why Being Illogical is a Good Thing

By Sandy Gallagher

Most people expect a gradual improvement in their performance and to receive a 2-10 percent increase in their pay or income as a result.

How much do you plan to improve this year?

However, in You2, Price Pritchett indicates that you don’t have to settle for systematic improvements where you move from one level of achievement to the next.

He says you can make an “explosive jump” in your performance that puts you far beyond the next logical step.

That would imply that you can improve by a whole lot more than 10 percent this year. Maybe 100, 200 or 500 percent. Or even more.

The question is, how do you do it?

The answer: You do things that go against logic. Something that is utterly ridiculous. Something that flies in the face of your usual “sensible” way of thinking.

So, when I wanted to change careers from being a banking attorney to working in the personal development industry, I adopted the following outlandish mantra…


“Do the illogical!”

That was a crazy thing for me to do back then because I had been the poster child for logic all my life. You don’t get straight A’s all the way through school … graduate as the top law student in the country… or close $100 Billion in deals by being illogical.

I had succeeded at everything I had ever done in life. So, it should have been easy for me to figure out to change careers.


Well, it wasn’t. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever tried to do.

However, through Bob’s teachings and other daily studies, I discovered that if I was going to make the change that I so desperately wanted, I was going to have to learn to think illogically.


Because our paradigm dictates our logic.

Our logic controls our habitual behavior.

And our behavior produces our results.

So, if you or I want to be, do, or have something that is entirely different, we must do things that are outside of the box we have built for ourselves. We need a strategy that is based on uncommon sense.

I’ll illustrate what I mean by using Bob Proctor’s life as an example.

He improved by 4,275 percent!

Although he had no idea what he was doing at the time, Bob started doing the illogical in 1961. That’s when he started reading Think and Grow Rich every single day. In that first year, he read the book several times.

We’ve been programmed to read a book once and then move on. So, it doesn’t make any sense to read a book a 2nd, 3rd, or 10th time—back to back to back. I think anyone would agree that’s a rather bizarre thing to do.

Yet, that’s precisely what changed Bob’s habitual thoughts, which changed his daily routines and that changed his results dramatically. He went from earning $4,000 to $175,000 in just a year, and then quickly took his income to over $1 Million.

If Bob had read Think and Grow Rich only once, as most people do, little, if anything, would have changed in his life.

And then there’s my experience…

In August 2006, I barely knew who Bob Proctor was, and I had zero interest in doing anything other than continuing to practice law and run my law firm.

Yet, less than three years later, I had not only created a transformational corporate training program with Bob, but I had closed my law practice and become the co-founder and CEO of Proctor Gallagher Institute.

It’s not logical to believe that I’d be in this position right now.

But it happened anyway.

The question you should ask yourself is if Bob and I are any different from you?

Of course, we’re not. If things like this can happen for anyone of us, they can happen for all of us.

A powerful way to create more favorable results

You may not want to reinvent yourself like Bob and I did. But, because you’re taking the time to read this, there’s a good chance you want to make some changes in your life that will require a paradigm shift.

How can you do it?

By recognizing two things…

Your paradigm controls your behavior, and that action produces your results.

Every result that you get in life is either positive or negative.

With those two things in mind, take these five steps to start getting the results you want:

1. Look at the results you are getting in the various areas of your life, and pick one that you want to improve or eliminate.

2. Write down the situation the way it currently is. Understand that what you’ve written down is a graphic or written description of an idea that is fixed in your subconscious mind.

For example, if the problem is with your sales, you might write something like the following:

“My sales go up and down. I get ahead of my quota, and then I fall behind.”

3. Get a clean sheet of paper and write out the positive side of it, which is the result you want. First, write “I’m so happy and grateful now that…” and then complete the sentence in the present tense.

In this example, you might write the following to describe the way you’d like for your sales to be:

“I am so happy and grateful now that quality leads flow to me on a continuous basis. My sales are always increasing, and they get better every day.”

4. Take the first sheet, the one with the current, unwanted results and literally burn it. That’s your habitual way of looking at sales, and you don’t want to do that anymore. Burning the paper is a symbolic way of letting the idea go.

5. Here’s the part that is illogical…

Take what you wrote on the second sheet of paper and write it out 100 times every morning and 100 times every night.

And, just like you did with your life script a couple of weeks ago, record the statement that describes what you want, repeating it over and over and over. Then, listen to the recording a few times each day while feeling as if it has already happened.

Awareness of this process isn’t good enough

Being aware of this five-step process is wonderful. But you can’t just read or talk about it. You’ve got to do it.

Writing your statement dozens of times a day and listening to it repeatedly, might seem silly or unnecessary. But it’s critical that you do it anyway.

At first, you won’t believe the statement as you write it or listen to it. But after a while, it won’t seem so silly anymore, and you’ll even start to believe it. In other words, it will become logical, and you’ll start to act on it.

What’s happening is the repetition of the new idea allows it to take root in the subconscious mind eventually. As it gains strength, the negative idea that is already planted there becomes weaker. Soon the new idea takes over and begins to control your behavior, and the other one loses control. And then, like Bob and me (and countless others), you’ll start to create the desired result.

Get in the habit of doing the illogical whenever you’re unhappy with the results you’re creating in life. I promise it will get you on the right track of getting what you want sooner rather than later.

To more and better,

Sandy Gallagher


P.S. If you’ve ever experienced a transformation, tell us about it below. Sharing what you did to change your results can make a big difference in someone else’s life.

Baking a ham and mushroom frozen pizza to perfection

Stop Chasing Ketones, Start Chasing Real Results

Hi there,

You are probably reading this article because you’ve heard a lot about the ketogenic diet.

You’ve probably tried a lot of different diets without much success in burning fat or getting healthier.

And you’re probably wondering if all the hype around the keto diet is … well … just a bunch of hype.

And above all, you’re probably wondering “is consuming a high-fat diet really healthy?”

I also don’t believe that the ketogenic diet is the right diet for everyone.

What I do believe is that it is a valuable tool that could help certain people overcome plateaus in their fat loss, increase their mental and physical energy, and perform better at LIFE.



The keto diet is short for the “ketogenic diet.” It’s a high-fat, low-carb eating plan that has the potential to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

The keto diet changes the way your body converts food into energy. Normally, your body turns carbohydrates (think bread and pasta) into glucose for energy. Eating a lot of fat and very few carbs puts you in ketosis, a metabolic state where your body burns fat instead of carbs for fuel.


When your body can’t get glucose from your diet, your liver turns body fat and fat from your diet into molecules called ketones, an alternative source of fuel. This puts you into ketosis, aka prime weight loss mode.

You’re in ketosis when your ketone levels measure 0.8 millimoles per liter. The keto diet is one way to get your body to make ketones. Other ways to run on ketones include intermittent fasting and using up your glucose reserves by exercising.


The keto diet quickly boosts weight loss because your body turns fat from your diet and your fat stores into ketones. And unlike glucose, ketones can’t be stored as fat because they aren’t digested the same way.

That’s surprising, right? For decades, you’ve heard that fat makes you fat. Your body is actually built to use fat as an alternative source of fuel. For most of history, people weren’t eating three square meals and snacks throughout the day. Instead, humans would have to hunt and gather their food, and they learned to thrive when there wasn’t any food available, sometimes for days on end. To keep going, their bodies used stored fat for energy. Thanks, evolution.


  • Burns body fat: When you’re on keto, your body uses stored body fat and fat from your diet as fuel. The result? Rapid weight loss.
  • Reduces appetite: Ketones suppress ghrelin — your hunger hormone — and increase cholecystokinin (CCK), which makes you feel full. Reduced appetite means it’s easier to go for longer periods without eating, which encourages your body to dip into its fat stores for energy.
  • Reduces inflammation: Inflammation is your body’s natural response to an invader it deems harmful. Too much inflammation is bad news because it increases your risk of chronic disease. A keto diet can reduce inflammation in the body by switching off inflammatory pathways and producing fewer free radicals compared to glucose.
  • Fuels your brain: Ketones are so powerful that they can provide up to 20 percent of your brain’s energy needs, which is way more efficient than the energy you get from glucose. Did you know your brain is made up of more than 60 percent fat? That means it needs a lot of fat to keep the engine humming. The good fats you eat on a ketogenic diet do more than feeding your day-to-day activities — they also feed your brain.
  • Increases energy: When your brain uses ketones for fuel, you don’t experience the same energy slumps as you do when you’re eating a lot of carbs. When your metabolism is in fat-burning mode, your body can simply tap into its readily available fat stores for energy. That means no more energy crashes or brain fog. Ketosis also helps the brain create more mitochondria, the power generators in your cells. More energy in your cells means more energy to get stuff done.
  • Curbs cravings: Fat is a super satiating macronutrient. You eat a ton of good fats on keto, so you feel fuller, longer.


So, how exactly do you lose weight on keto?


When you start eating more fat and cut out all the extra carbs (think sugar, bread, and pasta), you tend to stop experiencing the blood sugar swings and cravings that plague most people on the Standard American Diet. When your body runs on ketones for fuel, it has a steady supply of energy in the form of body fat. When your body relies on glucose, it needs a regular hit of carbs to keep it going.

Ketones can control your hunger and satiety hormones so you feel satisfied and full, not hangry. That means fewer cravings, more energy, and increased fat-burning. Here’s how it works.


Ketones impact cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone which makes you feel full, and ghrelin, the “hunger hormone.”

  • CCK: Your intestines release CCK after you eat, and it is a powerful regulator of food intake — so much so that injecting people with CCK will cause them to cut their meals short. Ketones increase CCK levels so you actually satisfied after meals.
  • Ghrelin: Ghrelin is called “the hunger hormone” because it increases appetite. It’s released from your stomach and intestines, with blood levels reaching their highest point when you fast. When you finally eat a meal, ghrelin drops in response to nutrients circulating in your blood. Ketosis suppresses the increase in ghrelin levels that occur with weight loss. So, when you’re in ketosis, you aren’t constantly thinking about your next meal.

Stop Chasing Ketones, Start Chasing Real Results

In this video, Chris Albert addresses the big elephant in the room about whether or not the keto diet is safe enough to be healthy. He’ll let you find out his opinion in the video.

To your health,


5-Star Restaurant

Learn This, and Your Life Will Change Forever!


“Learn This, and Your Life Will Change Forever!”

I’d like you to imagine a garden.

In this garden, the soil is always rich with nutrients and what you plant, it will grow. There is rain and sun so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can plant anything. There are no restrictions.

You can plant roses or you can plant poison ivy. You can plant tomatoes or you can plant nightshade, a deadly poison. What you put in, as a seed, will eventually grow into something much bigger.

This garden is your mind and the seeds you can plant are your thoughts.

Your mind is a fertile place where the thoughts you plant, will grow and make up for what your life is.

Or as the old passage from the Bible goes, from the book of Proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,”.

Your thoughts, your convictions, manifest the surrounding reality.

Your life, good or bad, is nothing more than a reflection of the thoughts you’ve planted in your mind and nourished. These thoughts became behaviors. Behaviors became results.

You are where you are right now because deep down in your heart, this is where you wanted to be, no matter how sad or unfair this may sound.

This principle is one of the oldest spiritual laws in existence. It’s also one of the best known. You may know it under a different term.

This is “you become what you think about”.

And you can find this in all of the world’s religions.

Some variations of this exists in Hinduism, in Christianity and in basically every other major religion. It’s found in all belief systems, as the one used by the Chinese. It’s as much of a universal law as gravity. Long before books existed, wise people understood that our thoughts manifest our reality.

It works on two levels.

First, your beliefs are connected to the universe on a quantum level. We manifest what we really believe.

Let me make this clear though.

You don’t manifest what you think you believe. You manifest what’s in your heart. If you believe you deserve unhappiness and pain, then no matter what you say, this you’ll get.

Many people believe they have positive thoughts when their inner voice is always negative and destructive.

That voice will always win. Maybe this is why LoA fails for so many people – they’re trying to grow trees of prosperity and success while planting seeds of doubt and pain and suffering.

It doesn’t work this way.

You get what’s in your heart. The universe will manifest it. But what’s in your heart is the truth and we may not always know of this truth.

Life doesn’t give you what you intended.

Life gives you what you ask.

And while many people intend for wealth and joy and health, their thoughts are of poverty and sadness and despair. Since this is what they’re planting, this is what the universe is manifesting.

Second, your thoughts lead to beliefs.

Your beliefs lead to actions.

Your actions lead to outcomes.

Your outcomes lead to your destiny.

The thoughts you plant in your mind will determine how you act, on a level that’s so subtle that you can’t even perceive it. Who you are, is the consequence of the thoughts you’ve adopted.

It’s hard to realize this.

It’s on the same level of breathing.

You realize your breath only if you pay attention. You realize your behavior and where it comes from only if you analyze it. But everything you are comes from the thoughts you’ve once planted in your mind and then let them become a part of you.

So when you plant positive thoughts, you get positive results.

When you plant love and happiness, your behavior will reflect love and it will create happiness for yourself and for others.

When you plant thoughts of prosperity and wealth, your behavior will create wealth and prosperity in the world.

Think of this as the captain of an airplane. An airplane is huge, carries hundreds of passengers and weighs tens of tons. Yet, you will find just one or two pilots in the cockpit, controlling this huge machine.

So is with your life.

Even if your behavior is infinitely complex, there are just a few thoughts that control all of it and if you replace those thoughts, everything will change for you too.

The thoughts you plant in it will both manifest reality as in creating reality itself and shape your behavior to create the results you want.

Both are important.

This world is a 50 – 50 place.

The universe can manifest the opportunities you require at this moment but you must act to take advantage. If luck knocks at your door, you still need to open the door.

It’s like in this old joke.

A fisherman is caught up in a storm. His boat is sinking. Desperate, he prays to God.

“God, please save me, I’ll be good, I’ll repent, just save me”

A few minutes later, a boat shows up.

“Hi there, do you need any help?”, the good Samaritan asks him.

“No, no, God will save me”, the fisherman answers.

Perplexed, the savior leaves.

Ten minutes later, the same things happen. Another boat shows up. They offer to help him. The fisherman refuses saying that God will help him.

Eventually, the boat sinks, he dies and goes to heaven. There, face to face with God, he asks …

“God, why did you left me to die? I prayed to you and I promised I’ll repent for my sins”.

God looks at him and says “What are you talking about? I’ve sent you two boats”.

This is a joke, but this is how life works too.

We manifest opportunities but you must take advantage of these opportunities. If you are a real estate agent and you want to close a huge deal, your thoughts will manifest this opportunity. The universe will align the people, places, and circumstances for this to happen.

But these people, places, and circumstances won’t come to you in your living room. You must still act and do something.

Or maybe you want to find the love of your life.

Thoughts of love and appreciation will manifest your ideal partner but your partner won’t knock at the door and ask you for a date.

The universe is like a tree that offers you the fruits you need, in infinite abundance, but you still must grab those fruits from the tree.

And it all starts with your thoughts, with your beliefs.

Make a commitment now to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Make a commitment to think only thoughts of love and joy and wealth.

At first, it will be hard.

If you’re used to planting only poison in your mind, it will take a while until you take it all out. But once you do, you’ll notice something incredible happening. You’ll see how you’ll walk into the right circumstances. You’ll find yourself in the right places, at the right time, to get what you want.

How can I help you do this?

Manifestation Magic contains hidden NLP commands which act as seeds to plant in your subconscious mind.

NLP is a powerful technology built around the best schools of psychotherapy and hypnosis. It allows you to “program” your subconscious mind – planting seeds into the fertile ground of your mind and heart.

This means you can listen to these tracks before going to sleep and change what you think, putting no effort at all.

Manifestation Magic always contains the best of brainwave entrainment, which trains the brain to operate at a higher frequency and is built around the Solfeggio scales, tones that will heal you and help you manifest miracles in your life.

Click below to discover how Manifestation Magic can help you plant better thoughts into your mind and manifest the life you deserve.

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Tom Yum Goong


  1. Never Order Your Steak Well Done
  2. You Don’t Have to Drop a Ton of Cash to Get Great Ingredients
  3. High-Quality Olive Oil Is a Game-Changer
  4. Sprinkle salt from up high, and season your food at every stage of cooking
  5. Always rinse jasmine rice before you cook it, and use a 1:1 ratio of rice to water
  6. Clarified butter adds the same delicious flavor as regular butter, but it’s better for most cooking since it doesn’t burn
  7. Before you try to whisk the eggs, pierce the yolks with a fork
  8. You shouldn’t eat fish on a Monday
  9. Use frozen peas
  10. Thicken sauces with breadcrumbs

1. Never Order Your Steak Well Done

Apparently, chefs find it incredibly offensive. Why? You can’t taste the quality of the meat when you burn it to a crisp.

2. You Don’t Have to Drop a Ton of Cash to Get Great Ingredients

Chefs are picky about what they spend money on. You can make a lot of quality dishes using time, skill and flavoring. High-Quality Olive Oil Is a Game-Changer

3. High-Quality Olive Oil Is a Game-Changer

Ever wonder what the difference between your homemade pasta and the pasta you get in a restaurant it? Sometimes, it’s as simple as the oil you use to finish the plate off. Invest in a bottle of high-quality olive oil. Just a small drizzle can really bring out the flavor of pizza, mozzarella, pasta, fish and meat.

4. Sprinkle salt from up high, and season your food at every stage of cooking

Sprinkle salt from high so it evenly distributes. If you just put a little it sticks to one piece no matter how much you stir it. Most people put too much salt in the beginning and too much at the end of cooking. If you put a little bit throughout the entire process it’s going to be so much better.

5. Always rinse jasmine rice before you cook it, and use a 1:1 ratio of rice to water

There’s a starch on rice. If you don’t rinse it, it will throw your proportion off with the water. And the way rice is handled a lot of the time, you just want to wash it. Equal volume measures of rice and water will yield perfectly fluffy rice.

6. Clarified butter adds the same delicious flavor as regular butter, but it’s better for most cooking since it doesn’t burn

Regular butter is a combination of fat and milk solids, and the milk solids are what burn and turn black when you cook butter at too high a temperature. Clarified butter is just the fat, with the milk solids taken out, which means you can heat it to a much higher temperature without it burning. 

7. Before you try to whisk the eggs, pierce the yolks with a fork

Breaking the yolk first makes it much easier to blend everything together.

8. You shouldn’t eat fish on a Monday

Probably the most obvious one on the list, but most people don’t even think about it.

Deliveries tend to come in on a Friday for the busy weekend, to give chefs enough time to get all their fish prepared. With no deliveries on a Sunday, that means that the ‘fresh fish’ you’re eating on a Monday might have been sitting in the fridge for three days minimum.

9. Use frozen peas

Fresh peas are great and all but good ones only show up on the radar once a year! Since so many dishes benefit from the presence of peas, most chefs use frozen peas and feel no shame about it. Get them from your grocery store, keep them stockpiled in your freezer and be ready for anything. You will be glad you have these little green gems tucked away and ready to go.

10. Thicken sauces with breadcrumbs

You’re probably used to thickening sauces using flour, but to avoid adding too much flour and getting that raw taste in your mouth, simply throw in breadcrumbs instead. As they soak in the sauce, they release their starches and act as a thickener.

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Loose weight


Creative Commons videos used:
How to lose your weight with. Cinderella Solution.

How One Woman Discovered the Female Fat-Loss Code Missed by Modern Medicine And Lost 84lbs Using a Simple 2-Step Ritual That 100% Guarantees Shocking Daily Weight Loss.


This is Carly, On the darkest day of her entire life.
And as you’ll read…
In the next few minutes, she would be convinced it was the last day of her life as well.

Because as she looked through her once youthful eyes, now fenced by fine-lines and age-spots….

…And at her stomach and legs,

Now trapped behind inflated layers of fat and embarrassing cellulite
This was the first time God had given Carly the courage to weigh herself in what seemed like years,

…Only to realize that the once-slender body of her 20’s and early 30’s was now paralyzed with 84 MORE pounds of fat since the last time she stepped on the scale.

In the hours that followed she was greeted by the now almost daily episodes of piercing anxiety, shame, and hopelessness…

…all while being consumed by venomous guilt that she was letting everybody around her down.


And while she often caught her husband looking at other women the same way he used to look at her,
She still tried her best to get her body back by trying every diet under the sun and exercising for hours-on-end each and every day.

But it was on this day… after stepping on the scale, that she finally realized it was all for nothing. So as she sat there, that anxious sorrow she felt for herself…

This time, it felt more…More severe?

– Sharper – As though she was being pierced by each one of those emotions all at once. She had no clue the extra had weight triggered a life-jeopardizing sequence,
Doctors now call the “Ticking-Time-Bomb” of the female metabolism…

…the recently discovered Female-Only Fault-Line Triggered in your early 20’s that hardwires your body to crave weight gain for the next 30 years of your life.

Even worse AND Surprisingly…
Nobody ever talks about how this condition quietly needles away at your immune system deliberately crippling your ability to fight off disease and maintain your figure.

Which is why Carly could barely feel her body imploding inwards on itself until it was too late.

And because for 86 to 92% of women over the age of 25,
The weight just creeps on soooo s-l-o-w-l-y while actually “stalking” your vital organs…

Then before you know it-
Your fit, healthy, happy and disease-free body is GONE and YOU are left wondering:

“What happened to the old ME!?”

But that was the least of Carly’s worries that morning…Because little did she know, the countdown had already started,

And the fairy-tale life she pictured as a little girl would be stolen away from her in a matter of seconds. Suddenly her fingers began to tingle while black dots shot across her eyes. As she struggled for breath, it felt as though cement slowly flooded her legs while her knees began to buckle.

And now, as if in fast-forward, she saw the tiles on the floor racing towards her face….SLAM!

”CARLY”… screamed her husband after being startled by all 209 pounds of his wife hitting the ground.
As he ran to the bathroom, violent agony took a vice-like grip over his wife’s entire body…
“Carly, Wake Up! What’s Happening?” he yelled with fear infused desperation.
But although her eyes were open, he could tell that behind those eyes…

There was nobody there.

She simply just lay there in flash-frozen shock,

And as Blackness slowly soaked her vision while pain transitioned to numbness…

With her husband standing over her screaming for her to say something… ANYTHING……she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and accepted her fate.

But fortunately for Carly, her husband, her daughter…AND MAYBE EVEN YOU…Carly’s story didn’t end that day.

Which is why RIGHT NOW If you are a woman with more than 10, 15…
Or even better20+ pounds to lose
YOU need to pay close attention …Because the breakthrough Carly uncovered only a couple hours later……Hooked up to tubes, laying in a hospital bed – Not only saved her life…

…But triggered a flood of what scientists call the weight-loss doubling molecule that lays dormant inside even the most stubborn female metabolism. This is why her friends, her family, and even Carly’s doctor were shocked-When this sequence not only ended her battle with hypertension, pre-diabetes, endometriosis, and even depression……but compelled her body to initiate a 22-hour-a-day fat burning sequence that grew stronger with each passing day!

And Carly didn’t stop there…

But first, allow me to let you in on another secret…

Although Carly survived that morning, that woman
The woman who stood there that day wrapped with guilt,

Drowning in depression all within a body saturated by almost 100 pounds of excess fat…She doesn’t exist anymore…Because the truth is,

As soon as you refuse to remain the prey of corporations, TV doctors and so-called “industry gurus” who make false promises to line their pockets…

AND START listening to women, like you, like me, a new woman will begin to take shape, literally….

The new you that begins to emerge.
The one that has empowered herself with her God-given, biological ability to double weight loss…

All by using something so simple, yet proven by expert-level scientists solution that allows you to reclaim control over your body, your health once and even HOW you age.

So if you’re a woman, over the age of 25 who wants to reclaim her life inside the body she DESERVES while living her very own Cinderella story..




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