Best American ribs in Denmark
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These are the best ribs you can find in Denmark. These awesome BBQ ribs are the ultimate American ribs meal. The meat is smoked perfectly so it falls off the bone, and the flavor is packed full of insane smokiness.

We arrived at Bone’s Restaurant early because we were so hungry.
The whole staff at Bone’s Restaurant is amazing, and you can immediately feel their passion and their genuine love for what they do and for the people they get to interact with every day. They absolutely serve the best BBQ in Denmark!

These delicious American ribs can compete with any ribs I have previously taste in America. And they have the most delicious and colorful salad bar to accompany all the smoked meat,

I wanted to try a little of everything, so we got a giant tray of smoked BBQ ribs, salad bar, french fries, baked potato with garlic butter, and incredible ice cream.

Total price for 2 people for 413 Danish Krones (about 60 USD). A fantastic good price for such a wonderful meal.

Bone’s Restaurant is a phenomenal American restaurant in Denmark. Not only will the quality and taste of the meat blow you away, but the passion of the entire crew is so genuine and so friendly, and that’s what makes it so good.

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