Flowers by Viborg's Lakes
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The Viborg Lakes and Borgvold Park

Nørresø and Søndersø in Viborg are attractive fishing areas.

Fishing is permitted from all public areas near the lakes and only a state fishing license is required. However, catching pike, zander, and perch are not allowed. 

You can rent boats at the kiosk in the park “Borgvold” at “Nørresø” (Northern lake).

You can also enjoy a sailing trip on the Viborg lakes on board the ship “Margrethe I”. The trip takes 1 hour.

The trip starts at the jetty at “Golf Salonen”,  Hans Tausens Vej 1, 8800 Viborg. Ticket sale on the boat.

Rich in religious history and bordering two idyllic lakes, Viborg is a sweetly romantic getaway. Slotsgartner T. Rothe landscaped Borgvold park in 1864 in a romantic style with a music stand, canal, bridges and winding paths. The park contains many exciting plants, including a collection of evergreen plants, where the large rhododendrons, in particular, are brightly colored during flowering.

Borgvold Park

Today, Borgvold is a beautiful and peaceful place leading to the Viborg Lakes, where medieval travelers were transported across the lakes in barges. 

In 1896, architect Henrik Hagemann erected a music pavilion, where outdoor events have since been held during the summer period.

The area was previously shared between several owners. In 1907, most of the land was handed over to the city in a gift letter from liquor burner David Haubro and his wife Christiane. The couple made a condition that the site “as one of the country’s historic sites should always be protected.

In 1945, garden architect T. Erstadt Jørgensen added a beautiful perennial garden to the park by extension of the forecourt at the music stand.

The sculpture “The Water Girl” made by the German sculptor Ludvig von Schwanthaler was erected in the facility in 1984 as a gift to the municipality from Supreme Court Judge Frants Thygesen and Mrs. Gudrun Thygesen.

In 1989, in the southwestern corner of Borgvold, the Bible Garden was established, which contains plants mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. 

The old historic wooden music stand has since been completely renovated following a fiery fire.

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